Vehicle Loop Detections (New / Replacements)

Vehicle Loop Detector Installation Service Near Calimesa CA

A Vehicle loop detector is a sensor used for vehicle gates to provide a means of egress and safeties, or at barrier gates to provide, egress, down loop and safeties in parking garages, etc.  We can cut these into the asphalt or concrete, or they can also be performed loops laid in the ground prior to the asphalt or concrete is finished.  Phillips services and installs a wide variety of vehicle gate operators and loop detectors for complete vehicle accessibility.  Whether you need a swing gate, slide gate, or barrier gate, we can replace your existing vehicle loops or install a new vehicle loop detection system for you.  We also have solutions for above ground detection if cutting the ground is not an option.  Using laser technology, Time of Flight technology, Microwave and infrared technology, or wireless technology.  Call us and let us put a solution in place for you.