Gate Designing & Building Service Near You

At Phillips we have specialized in innovative steel fabrication for more than 36 years.  Bart Phillips has engineered and installed 4 unique gates and designed one mechanical lock for the automated trackless bi fold gate.  Solving problems and creating solutions is what we do best.  Phillips is the only company to date that has engineered, fabricated and installed a trackless bi fold gate using an arched gate with automation. 

Trackless Bi Fold Gate

An automatic trackless bi-fold gate in Menlo Park this is the only trackless bi fold gate that is arched, since on You Tube it has over 248000 views. All work was engineered by Bart Phillips.

Cantilever Gate

Cantilever slide gate over a driveway that goes downhill in the opening position, the driveway is not level.

All work was engineered by Bart Phillips

An uphill trackless bi fold gate in San Francisco a gate that has over a 17-inch rise across the driveway. The gate travels uphill and folds in half using a trackless bi fold arm, this is the only trackless bi fold gate that swings uphill anywhere.  It uses a Byan 900 hydraulic arm and has been flawless since it was installed in November 2017.  In the last year I designed a mechanical lock to keep gate closed. All work was engineered by Bart Phillips

14 Foot Redwood Gate

Trackless bi fold gate that is 14 feet wide two 7-foot sections and the arm from the gate to the gate operator travels through a brick column. This is the longest automated trackless bi fold gate.

Bart Phillips fabricated this gate using clear heart redwood on a steel frame and designed the arm through the column to fold this gate in half with trackless bi fold hardware. The wood is on the face creating other challenges with the hinges.   

All work engineered by Bart Phillips

We offer services for all aspects of your gate project – all under one roof. We work with every client to custom tailor each project to their specific application and satisfaction. We consider the design aspect of the entire project to ensure that the job will culminate in a complete look that is balanced and flows with the natural surroundings. From the initial site survey to your finished entryway, Phillips is with you every step of the way!