High-end Custom Fabrication Service Near You – Metal Works In Calimesa CA!

The success and reliability of custom metal parts depend on high-quality metal fabrication services. From bending, welding, and forming to final precision polishing, custom metal fabricators provide the engineering services and components that keep industries thriving around the world. Philips is proud to be among the top metal fabrication companies in Calimesa California, and in the industry as a whole, offering complete steel fabrication and welding services for over 32 years and counting. We’re committed to quality in everything we do. With a long history of production excellence and surpassing strict or complex customer requirements, we’re proud to offer custom fabrication work with a full range of services, including:



As the leading railing contractor in the greater Calimesa area, we strive to give you the best possible prices for quality and quick work. Whether it be residential or commercial applications, our certified installers have detailed experience with railings of all types for decks, walkways, balconies, stairs, rooftops, or anywhere else that code might require a railing. At Philips, our professionally installed railing systems work with a multitude of different styles and designs.

Metal Gates

We are the best metal gate company providing exceptional services by installing, repairing gates and ironworks in Calimesa meant to protect your commercial business and residential places. Besides gates, we also specialize in steel and ironwork. We have a committed and reliable team of professionals with a good track record of providing security gate services and custom metal gates. Every day we are increasingly dedicated to providing our customers with the best customer service experience.



Philips is one of the largest and most reputable stair companies in Calimesa California, employing some of the most experienced craftsmen in the industry. We are direct distributors for some of the highest quality stair component manufacturers in Calimesa. Our specialty is custom curved metal & steel stairways. We provide free over-the-phone estimates, and we are very happy to answer any questions you may have.


Philips is a reputable, and one of the family-owned fencing companies that has been providing customers with expert residential & commercial fencing services for nearly 3 decades. If you live within or near Calimesa California, you can count on Philips for all of your fencing designing & installation needs. We are also available to provide a variety of fencing services and products. Contact us today to get started!

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Custom Fire Pits & Bowls

Adding a fire pits & bowl to your backyard in Calimesa, California, is a great way to entice family and friends to spend more time outdoors having fun and making memories. Fire pits & bowls make it possible for people to have a natural camping experience right in the comfort and security of their backyards. Philips is highly experienced in all aspects of fire pits & bowl installation and will be pleased to help you become an owner of one of these wonderful and increasingly popular backyard additions.

Metal Furniture

Philips is a metal manufacturer offering an extensive range of furniture fabrication services for producing architectural metalwork for indoor and outdoor furniture. As a single-source solutions provider, we’re capable of taking your metal furniture projects from conception to completion. Whether your steel furniture fabrication project involves creating a prototype or you’re ready for volume production, we offer full-service metal furniture manufacturing across Calimesa and beyond.

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Philips makes many types of custom enclosures for several applications. Fabricated metal provides a strong medium that offers superior protection and allows for ventilation. A variety of options are available for enclosures, which can be made to fit your requirements. Our custom enclosures are designed and built to order based on a design provided or we can design a drawing for you. All of our products are made in-house and follow your exact requirements. Call us today or get a FREE quote.